Want to get back to the table for gaming with good friends - and make new ones? ConFABulous provides a great place to game with LGBTQ+ people and their friends!  

More information about gaming opportunities for ConFABulous 2022 will be coming soon. Take a look below at the RPGs that have been proposed for this year!


How to Register for an RPG

Information will be shared here when we get closer to the event date.

Proposed RPGs for ConFABulous 2022

The following are planned as scheduled RPG events for which registered ConFABulous 2022 convention members will be able to sign up and play in a dedicated convention space. Dates and times will be announced in September.

Pathfinder Bounties & Quests

Ongoing | 2 Hour Blocks
Friday Open until 10PM | Saturday 10AM - 10PM | Sunday 10AM - Close

GM: Aerine Caerwyn
Up to 6 Players
Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Join for a two-hour introduction to a world where inclusivity matters! Bring yourself, we will have pre-generated characters, pencils, and dice. Scenarios are designed for new players!

Murder at Morley's Workshop

TBD Time, 4 Hours

GM: Don Kaiser
3-6 Players (Level 3)
D&D 5th Edition

This Kickstarter adventure takes place at the edge of a village, next to an ancient woodland where Morley’s Sleds and Sleighs workshop is the location of a grisly murder. The players must solve the crime and uncover and resolve what lies behind it.

Desert Guns of the Shallow Sea: A Tékumel Adventure

TBD Time, 4 Hours

GM: Don Kaiser, John Till
4-6 Players, No Experience Necessary
Fate of Tékumel

The Desert of Sighs in Milumanayá today is nothing but sand and scrub, but during the times of the Ancients it was a shallow sea, plied by brigands and pirates. In the cliffs overlooking this sea, the Ancients installed great gun emplacements to protect against these pirates. Players will explore one of these ancient gun emplacements to learn its secrets and perhaps recover some of the treasures of the Ancients.

Return to Thieves’ World

TBD Time, 4 Hours

GM: John Till
4-6 Players, No Experience Necessary
Swords of the Serpentine RPG (Gumshoe System)

The legendary 1980s Thieves World swords & sorcery anthology series was the first shared world in modern fantasy. Numerous authors in SF&F created heroes and many, many villains in the dog-eat-dog, crime-filled city of Sanctuary. Now it’s your turn to experience Sanctuary in a roleplaying game. We’ll be using the brand new Swords of the Serpentine RPG, which is really designed for lowbrow fantasy adventures in a Thieves’ World.

Hearts of Wulin

TBD Time, 4 Hours

GM: John Till and/or Lyda Morehouse
TBD # of Players, No Experience Necessary
Hearts of Wulin RPG (Powered by the Apocalypse)

The martial world is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons, but not all of those are mortal enemies. Some of them are friends, rivals, and current and former lovers. Hearts of Wulin brings the martial arts action of any good wuxia drama, but also brings the interpersonal drama for which the great martial arts sagas are famous. Come and play a hero with heartstrings!