Want to get back to the table for gaming with good friends - and make new ones? ConFABulous provides a great place to game with LGBTQ+ people and their friends!  

ConFABulous has gaming spaces for board games, card games, tabletop roleplaying, and videogames. We have one of the most extensive board game libraries you have ever seen, all usable in open gaming throughout the convention. 

Tabletop roleplaying games are also popular at ConFABulous! At our last in-person convention, we ran Monte Cook Games’ Invisible Sun, an adventure on Tekumel (the first queer-friendly RPG setting), Yoon Ha Lee’s Heretical Geese, and the tacky and amazingly bad Tingleverse RPG - among others.

RPGs that may be scheduled at this year’s convention include:

  • A LGBTQ-themed scenario set on Tekumel, the first queer friendly RPG setting
  • Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Evil Hat’s new, queer-friendly game of swordplay and romance
  • Everway - Silver Anniversary Edition, the new edition of Jonathan Tweet’s mythic fantasy RPG, with its evocative card and Tarot-based mechanics
  • Lex Arcana - the first and most popular RPG in Italy, now with an English edition; occult investigations in ancient Rome
  • The Dee Sanction - occult espionage in Elizabethan England, illustrated by trans artist, Evlyn Moreau

Is there a game you would really like to run for other people, or just try out? Contact Burl at and let him know! ConFABulous is a GREAT convention for trying new games!

Gaming tables will be spaced 6’ from each other, and at each table chairs will be spaced to strike a balance between distancing and playability. Gamers are encouraged to bring a personal set of dice. Because many games require touching game pieces, a game board, dice, etc., hand sanitizer will be readily available in all convention spaces.