ConFABulous offers a single high quality track of programming of interest to LGBTQ+ fans of fantasy and science fiction, comics, horror, and gaming.

Take a look below at the panels that have been proposed so far for 2023 (along with recordings from some of our past conventions)!
If you are interested in being on a panel, or have ideas for another panel, please reach out to

Proposed Panels for ConFABulous 2023

Ask a DM

A ConFABulous favorite returns! An AME with our panel of experts on running RPGs.

Barbie: the Phenomenon

Come and talk about the biggest movie of the year.

Danmei Novels

Discussion of gay male romances from China, which often have martial arts or fantastic or supernatural elements. Which ones are good?

Is Gay the Default Now?

It used to be difficult to find representation in science fiction and fantasy novels and media. Thankfully, queer is becoming mainstream. Obviously, no one wants a return to the closet, but are there any drawbacks to this in terms of what we see represented in our media?

Joe and Andrew Talk About TV

A ConFABulous favorite, Joe Agee and Andrew Bertke talk about recent shows.

Lesbian Space Opera: A Reading and Q&A by Lyda Morehouse

Lyda Morehouse has signed a deal for a new lesbian space opera trilogy. Come and join her for a reading and discussion about the forthcoming first novel in the trilogy.

Liberty's Daughter

Meet author Naomi Kritzer and learn about her new SF novel.

Local Politics with Naomi Kritzer

SF&F author Naomi Kritzer publishes a blog on local politics and political candidates. Come hear her take on local politics.

Poly Narratives: Where Are They?

(Description forthcoming.)

Queer Star Trek

Let’s talk about what is queer in the new Star Trek series!

Queer Stuff Streaming

Manga/comics-based streaming series like Heartstopper and movies like Nimona with LGBTQ+ Themes.

The Queering of Good Omens

The second season of Good Omens had an explosion of canonically queer characters and couples. There were lesbians, nonbinary demons, and queer side characters galore. Yet our mains, Crowley and Azaraphile, couldn't seem to get it together, despite "the kiss." As we prepare for the Second Coming, let's talk about the good and the bad of the second season.

Queerness in Video Games or, The Rise of the Queer Visual Novel.

A look at the rise in popularity of visual novels - storytelling games that incorporate romantic and, at times, sexual relationships as a major or minor theme.

Republican Oppression in the South: What Can We Do About It?

(Description forthcoming.)

What Have You Been Reading in 2023?

Did you know that the Twin Cities hosts a very active monthly book club reading and discussing fantasy, SF, horror, and comics by LGBTQ+ authors and/or with LGBTQ+ themes? We’ll start by sharing the high and low notes about what the North Country Gaylaxians Book Club has been reading together in 2023, and then expand to see what others have been reading

Why Do Queer Women Write so Much M/M?

This phenomenon has been true since the first Spock/Kirk slash was penned in the late 1960s. But this fan fiction trend has been mainstreamed lately with books like Everina Maxwell's Winter's Orbit, T. Kingfisher's Paladin's Hope, and an entire romance m/m genre ( Why aren't these queer and straight ladies writing F/F? Where are the male, gay authors? What are some concerns about this trend--are we being mainstreamed right into heteronormativity?

Writing for RPGs

What are some best practices when designing adventures or sourcebooks for tabletop RPGs, either for publication or for your own gaming group? Discussion topics may include sources of inspiration, research and preparation, game balance, and having fun!

Yaoi and Yuri, the 2023 Edition

This panel is becoming a staple of ConFABulous, so it's time to move beyond 101 definitions of this manga genre. What's new (or new to you) and fun this year? There may be some discussion of manhwa and manhua (as well as anime and dongha,) but we're sticking with 2-D for this conversation.