Want to get back to the table for gaming with good friends - and make new ones? ConFABulous provides a great place to game with LGBTQ+ people and their friends!  

More information about gaming opportunities for ConFABulous 2023 will be coming soon. In the meantime, take a look below at the types of gaming that will be available, proposed RPGs, and more!


About Gaming at ConFABulous

Tabletop Gaming

Board games and card games? You want them, we have them! We have a large game library to choose from and ample table space to use, but feel free to bring your own games, too.

We'll be starting each day with teaching games to anyone who is interested (shorter games than last year). We'll also play our annual Terraforming Mars game, possible with all the expansions (or at least the ones that players are willing to have).

Let us know if there are any games you'd like to play but can't bring!

Roleplaying Games

You can expect to sit down and play some fantastic Roleplaying Games (RPGs) at ConFABulous 2023. Be who you are, play who you want!

At ConFABulous, we have multiple RPGs run by experienced Gamemasters (GMs) all weekend long. These are usually small group games lasting 3-4 hours in particular RPG worlds.

More information about proposed games and how to sign up in advance or at the con can be found below.

Video Games

Tabletop's digital cousin! We have partnered with 2D Con to provide a selection of video games at the convention. Get ready for some video gaming fun!

Gaming Demos

Want to learn a new game? Take a look at some of the scheduled gaming demos you can find this year:

Game Demos

Short(er) game demos that you can find in our main gaming space:

  • Friday, 5PM: Canvas, followed by Castles of Burgundy
  • Saturday, 10AM: Herstory, followed by Ascension
  • Sunday, 10AM: Holotype, followed by Terraforming Mars

Meet at the Diecaster Games booth in Aire 1&2 for a demo of Innkeeper, coming soon from Diecaster Games!

  • Friday, 6:30 PM-7:30 PM
  • Saturday, 10:30AM-11:30AM and 2PM-3PM.
  • Sunday, 1:30PM-2:30PM and 3PM-4PM
Pathfinder Quests

Pathfinder second edition bounties and quests are twoseries of short 1-2 hour Pathfinder games will be available to play. More info coming soon.

2023 RPGs

The following are scheduled RPG events for which registered ConFABulous 2023 convention members will be able to sign up and play in a dedicated convention space. Dates and times can be found below.

HOW TO REGISTER FOR AN RPG: Please note that each RPG has space for a limited number of players. Interested in playing? Please email to reserve your space now. If space is still available at the convention, you will be able to sign up in person there.

ATMA: A Roleplaying Card Game

Location: Please meet in Aire 1&2

GM: John Till
2-4 Players
Based on Powered by Apocalpyse game system.
No experience necessary, easy-to-learn rules will be taught

Welcome to a world near our own - but with curious ghosts, alien titans, and fledgeling AIs. TATMA delivers a full roleplaying experience in just 2 hours. The system is super easy to learn, based on Powered by the Apocalypse games, and the simple rules will be taught. This is a good warm-up for Lyda Morehouse's Thirst Sword Lesbians cyberpunk game on Saturday! 2-4 players. John will hang out in the board game room (Aire 1&2) and see if people want to play.

Moonlight on Roseville Beach: A Queer Game of Disco and Cosmic Horror

Location: Runway 1

GM: James Bacigalupo
Up to 6 Players
Moonlight on Roseville Beach RPG (R. Rook Studio)
No experience necessary, easy-to-learn rules will be taught

What was queer life like in 1979 on Fire Island or Provincetown? Moonlight on Roseville Beach is a game about the amateur sleuths and monster hunters who keep their bustling, LGBTQ+ beach town safe while holding down jobs, taking care of their friends, escaping their own demons, and maybe even falling in love.

Fangs and Fists of the MARVEL Universe

Location: Runway 1

GM: John Till
Up to 5 Players
Marvel Multiverse RPG
No experience necessary, easy-to-learn rules will be taught

Come try out the brand new Marvel Multiverse RPG! Explore which heroes are really queer! The situation will probably lean SF and X-Men-ish, but there are plenty of Marvel heroes to play.

Please note: We will take a break for the Chocolate Symposium.

Dance in the Neon-Pixelated Dark: A Thirsty Sword Lesbians Cyberpunk Homebrew

Location: Runway 1

GM: Lyda Morehouse
Up to 7 Players
Thirsty Sword Lesbians' RPG (Evil Hat Studios)
No experience necessary, easy-to-learn rules will be taught

A rogue artificial intelligence that has escaped its corporate masters into the dark and rain-spattered streets of Neo-Toyko’s Akihabara’s “Electric Town.” A sleek, sexy agent of MegaCorp offers the thirsty lesbians gathered at the Potable Pussy Coffee Shop a hard-to-resist bounty to return this rebellious robot. Will they accept? If so, will they be able to find this runaway android before the machine-hating Luddite Cult gets their hands on it? 

Come join first-time GM, Lyda Morehouse.

Tékumel: The Lab of Horrors

Location: Runway 2

GM: Don Kaiser
Up to 6 Players
Tékumel Homebrew
No experience necessary, easy-to-learn rules will be taught

In your explorations of the great wilderness you come across a cave entrance. Within is a laboratory of a Lord of the Latter Times who specialized in genetic experimentation. You may enter if you dare, but some of the horrors you find contained within may make you wish you hadn’t.

Lex Arcana: Of Desire and Vengeance

Location: Runway 1

GM: John Till
Up to 5 Players ages 18+

Lex Arcana RPG (the first Italian RPG, newly translated into English thanks to a wildly successful Kickstarter)
No experience necessary, easy-to-learn rules will be taught

You are a member of the Lex Arcana, the elite supernatural investigators and problem solvers of the Roman Emperor's Praetorian Guard. You’ve just returned to Rome for some sorely needed R&R, after many missions in the far-flung Empire. You have a new assignment. Soothsayers are having visions of a vengeful ghost, in an abandoned manor on the outskirts of Rome. Can you find this place, and avoid a massacre?  

Night of the Werebear: A Queer Horror Themed Adventure

Location: Runway 2

GM: Don Kaiser
Up to 4 Players
D&D 5E, a brand new Kickstarter release!
No experience necessary, easy-to-learn rules will be taught

We join our adventurers in a carriage traversing Baneswood Moors, a dreary wet place, the sound of wet squelching as the carriage wheels are dragged through the muddy moors is the backing track to Otto The Carriage Drivers ramblings...

The small village of Baneswood has been under a series of relentless attacks from furious beasts, the local reverend has taken up arms against these beasts forming a small militia of villagers to protect the village, but will that be enough?