ConFABulous is an LGBTQ+ gaming relaxicon - a fun, laid-back, relaxed convention - that welcomes LGBTQ+ people, allies, and friends

What can you expect at ConFABulous 2018? The same great programming you've come to expect from us in years past!

Join the conversation in our track of panels running every day of the convention, enjoy some chocolate at our wildly popular Chocolate Symposium, or compete in board, card, and video gaming throughout the weekend.

A large gaming room will be in operation throughout the convention. Expect it to be busy, all day and night!



Panel Ideas

As a convention for LGBTQ+ fans and their friends, we keep it real and emphasize panels that are relevant to LGBTQ+ fans. 2017 had a single track of programming with panels running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Based on feedback from participants, people are ready for more, and so we’re back with more.

Some of the panels in the works for this fall include:

  • The New LGBTQ Friendly RPGs – Let’s look at how people are making the new generation of LGBTQ friendly RPGs like Blue Rose and 7th Sea, as well as RPGs made by LGBTQ designers, including Avery Alder’s Monsterhearts.
  • The Next Doctor Is A Woman – By the time of the convention, the New Who will have started, or be just about to start. The fact that the new Doctor is a woman is a first. Let’s talk about what that means for the series and fandom.
  • Beam Me Up – You Just Killed the Queer Character – Many LGBTQ fans of the first season of Star Trek Discovery were dismayed to see one half of “the gay couple” killed in the first season. This has happened a lot in movies and fiction –it’s a harmful cliché, right? Is this good Star Trek or bad Star Trek?
  • Ask A GM – Our panel of expert GMs returns to tackle your questions about GMing RPGs.
  • Horror RPGs: From the First Shiver to the Latest Scream – This panel explores the history of tabletop horror RPGs from the earliest examples of the genre to the current cutting edge.
  • Safe Places to Game – Where have you found safe, inclusive places for LGBTQ+ games and their friends? What does it take to create such spaces and maintain them in a society and gaming culture where it is often still OK to discriminate?

Do you have a panel idea? Are you interested in being on a panel? Let us know! Contact us and put Programming in the subject line.

We will publish our full schedule closer to the convention.

Stay tuned here for more information as we get closer to the event!