ConFABulous offers a single high quality track of programming of interest to LGBTQ+ fans of fantasy and science fiction, comics, horror, and gaming. Take a look at the programming from our past two years of virtual ConFABulous events below, then stay tuned for more information about 2022!

Proposed Panels for ConFABulous 2022

The Untamed: the Ultimate LGBTQ Multimedia Martial Arts Drama

Panelists: John Till, Lyda Morehouse

Over the last couple of years, awareness in the US has grown about Mo Dao Zu Shi’s “The Untamed” also known as “Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation”, a multimedia Chinese queer martial arts drama that has appeared as a 50 episode live action video series on Netflix, as well as in novels, comics (forthcoming this December), and anime. Join us for the discussion of the drama in many of its various forms and aspects. It is really something special.

Fan Fiction: It's Not Just "Slash" Fiction Anymore

Moderator: David Paschall-Zimbel

Fans can be very passionate about writing for characters they've come to know and love. Others address serious issues of today. Many fanfictions involve non-traditional romances. Some combine that with tasteful sex. Still others are more explicit. We will discuss some of the fandoms, genres, and examples of good storytelling.

Same-Sex Relationship in Japanese and Chinese Media

Moderator: David Paschall-Zimbel

There are certain tropes for same-sex relationships in Japanese animated media, and Japanese graphic novel-type media. There are similar tropes for same-sex relationships in Chinese animated, live-actio,n and graphic novel media. There are differences as well. An exploration of what's out there, why it looks so different depending on geographical region, what to look for and (possibly) what to avoid.

The Current State of Trans Representation in Media (TV, Movies, and Books)

Moderator: Colleen Baltutis

Censorship Laws and Book Banning

Moderator: Larry Sanderson

The right-wing is putting censorship laws in place in red states (Florida’s “Don’t say Gay”) and banning books from schools and public libraries; this is a discussion about these laws, book banning, and how it affects our community.

Ask a GM

Moderator: Don Kaiser

Panelists: Burl Zorn, John Till

You can ask our GMs anything, but the focus is on running good games.

What Have You Been Reading?

Moderator: Don Kaiser

Panelists: David Lenander, Jason Tucker, John Till

The North Country Gaylaxians’ Book Club members will share what books we’ve been reading and discussing over the last year, but you should come and share what you’ve been reading, too. This is a great way for us to discover new LGBTQ books and comics to read!

The Latest in LGBTQ+ Comics, TV, and Movies

A review of all the new and upcoming LGBTQ+ media.

Replays from ConFABulous 2021

Take a look at our virtual programing from 2021 to get an idea of what to expect:

What Have You Read Over the Last Year?

10:00AM - 11:00AM

Panelists: TBA

North Country Gaylaxians Book Club has continued to read an LGBTQ+ SF/F book every month, and we know that a lot of people have stepped up their reading and participation in virtual book clubs. What have you read, and was it good?

Watch on YouTube:

Media Tie-Ins with Games

11:30AM - 12:30PM

Panelists: Catherine Lundoff, John Till

Catherine Lundoff writes media tie-ins for games, among other things, and specifically for Onyx Path Publishing's World of Darkness series. She's written stories for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Vampire the Masquerade, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Wraith, and, as of today, a story that became a game scenario for Ghost Hunters. She is eager to discuss media tie-ins and horror game writing.

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Hot Robin Covers - and Loki

1:30PM - 2:30PM

Panelists: Jason Tucker, Lyda Morehouse

Exploring the New LGBTQ+ characters in mainstream comics and TV series based on the comics. What's queer, what's not so queer, and what's good?

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How Did You Get Your Gaming Fix During the Pandemic?

3:00PM - 4:00PM

Panelists: TBA

What worked ad what didn't? What are you going to keep doing that you started in the pandemic? What games were you excited about this year? What games worked well this year and which ones didn't?

Watch on YouTube:

What's Queer and Good in New TV Series?

4:30PM - 5:30PM

Panelists: Don Kaiser, Catherine Lundoff

Includes Picard (second season), Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Foundation Trilogy, Black Widow, Legends of Tomorrow, Killjoys, Batwoman, etc.!

Watch on YouTube:

Ask a DM: Level-Up Time!

7:00PM - 8:00PM

Panelists: Don Kaiser

Our ever-popular panel in which people talk about their experiences as Dungeon Masters/Game Masters and answer people's questions about how to offer engaging and effective roleplaying experiences.

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An Expanded Universe After All

8:30PM - 9:30PM

Panelists: Jason Tucker

How is the Star Wars universe changing with all the new TV series, movies, and comics?

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Replays from ConFABulous 2020

Want more? Take a look at our virtual programing from 2020 to get an idea of what to expect:

Cartoons: Not Like Saturday Morning Used to Be

Panelists: Kathryn Sullivan, Larry Sanderson

Watch Replay on YouTube:

More Queer Trek: Discovery, Picard, and the Lower Decks

Panelists: John Till, Lyda Morehouse, Erik Mornes, B.C. Holmes

Watch Replay on YouTube:

Ask a DM/GM Panel

Panelists: Don Kaiser, Chris Severin

Watch Replay on YouTube:

Queer Gaming Groups

Panelists: John Till, Don Kaiser

Watch Replay on YouTube:

Improv Exercises for Writers, Gamemasters, and Other World-Builders

Panelists: James Satter

Watch Replay on YouTube:

Reading to Survive the Pandemic; Survive by Reading!

Panelists: Jason Tucker, Joe Agee, and interested others

Watch Replay on YouTube: