Our 2020 programming is viewable below!

Look below to see what have planned for our Virtual Day of FUN. Panels, which will be streamed live to YouTube on the day of the convention, start at 1:30 PM and last for an hour. There will be a 30-minute break between panels, except for a 60-minute break for dinner.

The full 2020 schedule can be found here:

Cartoons: Not Like Saturday Morning Used to Be

1:30PM - 2:30PM

Panelists: Kathryn Sullivan, Larry Sanderson

A panel about the cartoons The Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and The Owl House.

Watch Live on YouTube:

More Queer Trek: Discovery, Picard, and the Lower Decks

3PM - 4PM

Panelists: John Till, Lyda Morehouse, Erik Mornes, B.C. Holmes

Discuss the new, the queer, the exciting in the new Star Trek.

Watch Live on YouTube:

Ask a DM/GM Panel

4:30PM - 5:30PM

Panelists: Don Kaiser, Chris Severin

Our celebrated Ask Me Anything panel on gamemastering.

Watch Live on YouTube:

Queer Gaming Groups

6:30PM - 7:30PM

Panelists: John Till, Don Kaiser

What is it like, how is it different to run all-LGBTQ gaming groups? Have you had that experience?

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Improv Exercises for Writers, Gamemasters, and Other World-Builders

8PM - 9PM

Panelists: James Satter

Workshop with improvisational exercises participants can use to enhance brainstorming and creative-thinking, particularly for those involved in creative writing and world-building in RPGs. No acting experience needed. 8 persons max per session.

Watch Live on YouTube:


Reading to Survive the Pandemic; Survive by Reading!

9:30PM - 10:30PM

Panelists: Jason Tucker, Joe Agee, and interested others

A round robin Zoom session discussion of what you've been reading during the pandemic.

Watch Live on YouTube: