ConFABulous 2020: Virtual Day of FUN!

To our ConFAB Friends,

ConFABulous 2020 will be a one-day virtual convention on Saturday, October 10, from 12 noon-12 midnight.

The con will have some of the same features of our face-to-face conventions, including a single track of panels and plenty of opportunities to play board games, card games, and RPGs through virtual connections.

Do you have an idea for a panel topic that you’d like to organize? Please send your idea to John Till c/o If there are other panelists that you would recommend, please nominate them!

Do you have an idea for a roleplaying game session? Send John an idea about the game you’d like to run: the game system, the time frame (we recommend 2-3 hours for online rpgs), and system requirements (such as “I just need a video chat session like Zoom, or I need an online system that allows for maps like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds”). We will work with you to make sure that players know what they may need to play in your game. Email John at

Do you have a board or card game you’d like to run? Please let Burl Zorn, ( our gaming coordinator, know what you’d like to run, for how long, and any system capabilities/requirements you need to run the game online.